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Marriage, a Christian vocation

St Josemaría teaches that marriage is a Christian vocation to which many people are called, as shown in “Take a chance on happiness”.
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St Josemaria went to Willesden to pray to our Lady

On August 5, 1958, St Josemaria celebrated Mass in Great Britain for the first time. He had arrived at Dover the day before, and, as was his custom, as soon as he disembarked he had said three Hail Marys, concluding with the aspiration “Sancta Maria, [...]
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Centenary of Jose Maria Hernandez Garnica's Birth

Jose Maria Hernandez Garnica was born in Madrid on 17 November 1913. He gained three doctorates: in Mining Engineering, Natural Science, and Theology. He joined Opus Dei on 28 July 1935. He died in Barcelona on December 7, 1972. He responded generously to God's specific call, and [...]
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"Take a Chance on Happiness": reflections on marriage and parenting from St Josemaria Escriva

Programme contains practical reflections on marriage and parenting from St Josemaria Escriva and from British and Irish couples. "Take a chance on happiness" alternates images from the preaching of St Josemaría with testimonies of couples in England, Scotland and Ireland who talk about their challenges in [...]
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I'm no longer afraid

Interview with Raquel Taveira-Marques “When I came from Portugal to do research at University College London for my PhD in Neurobiology and Neuroscience, I soon fell in love with London, and also -something I didn’t [...]
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The Baytree Centre

An insight into the valuable work of young volunteers at The Baytree Centre, a social inclusion project based in South London.
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Baytree Centre: a bright light on the Brixton Road

300 Brixton Road is a bright light on the horizon of Lambeth, one of London’s most deprived and troubled areas. It’s the home of the Baytree Centre where for 20 years now 1,000s of women and girls who are local residents yet come from all [...]
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Translating The Man of Villa Tevere

Translating The Man of Villa Tevere Interview with Helena Scott by the josemariaescriva.info website staff. The Man of Villa Tevere – St Josemaria Escriva: his years in Rome, by Pilar Urbano, translated by Helena Scott, published by Scepter Publishers, Inc., New York, 2011. JEI: In [...]
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“A Home from Home” in the UK

In an interview of 7 January 1967 with Tad Szulc of the New York Times, St Josemaría spoke about the work of Opus Dei in some Englishspeaking countries. He mentioned the work carried out by university halls of residence run by Opus Dei, providing “not [...]
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Turning my work into love

Mary lost her first job in the credit crunch and had to begin again. She learnt from St Josemaria how to turn her work into love.
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