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Andorra remembers St Josemaria

It was the cold early morning of December 2, 1937, when a group of eight people, who had been enduring many days of cold, hunger and fear in the wooded mountains, arrived at Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra, where they were able to enter the [...]
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St Josemaria's route across the Pyrenees

A clip from the DVD documentary Cruzando la noche (“Crossing the night”), which traces St Josemaria’s route across the Pyrenees mountains in 1937.
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Crossing the Night

Crossing the Night In November 1937, during the Spanish Civil War, in very painful circumstances, St Josemaria had to escape from Spain in order to be able to carry on his apostolate in freedom. Like many other Spaniards he followed the route taken in peacetime by [...]
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Two new books in English about St Josemaria

Two very different books have just appeared in English about Opus Dei founder St Josemaria. One is the second volume in a series by William Keenan entitled ‘St Josemaria Escriva and the Origins of Opus Dei’. The other is a translation of the vivid biographical [...]
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Did St Josemaria really hear confessions during the Spanish Civil War, risking arrest? Even in a zoo?

During the early months of the Spanish Civil War St Josemaria was living in Madrid. He heard confessions, celebrated Mass, administered Baptisms, even at the risk of his life, if he knew that someone was in need of his priestly ministry. He did his pastoral work [...]
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Were there any Opus Dei members on the Republican side?

Some young Opus Dei members fought on the Republican side because they were in the Republican zone when the war broke out. The best known of these was Rafael Calvo Serer, from Valencia, who was miliciano de la cultura (literally “cultural militiaman”, a sort of [...]
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How many people were there in Opus Dei at the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War? Were any of them killed?

Biographies published so far don’t offer enough data to be able to say exactly how many people had any kind of link with Opus Dei when the Spanish Civil War broke out. There may have been around fifty men and women altogether who were connected [...]
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Pope sends envoy to Ivory Coast in hopes of restoring peace

March 30, 2011. Romereports. The country of Ivory Coast has seen growing violence after its leader Laurent Gbagbo refused to give up his power since losing the presidential election in November. During the general audience, Benedict XVI announced that he would send a papal envoy [...]
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1937-1939: Later Stages of the Spanish Civil War

Before describing their efforts to carry out Opus Dei in these later stages of the war, we will examine the social, economic, and political features of the world in which they worked. - The War in the North (March to November 1937) - Fusion of the Falange [...]
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1936-1937: First Stages of the Spanish Civil War. Situation of Opus Dei

- Military Uprising - International Aspects of the Civil War - Revolution and Anticlerical Violence in Republican Spain - The Early Weeks of the Civil War - The Giral Government and the Revolution - The Military Struggle for Madrid - On the Run - The Military Revolt Becomes the “National Movement” - Franco [...]
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