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What are the Works of Mercy?

Pope Francis has announced a Jubilee Year of Mercy, and asks the faithful to practise the works of mercy during this year. What are they? Download pdf, epub and kindle. “We need constantly to contemplate the mystery of mercy. It is a wellspring of joy, serenity, [...]
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Pope Francis: A good father shouldn't slap his child in the face

Video. (Rome Reports). In his weekly general audience, Pope Francis continued his catechesis on the family and the indispensable role fathers play in raising children. It's about being present and offering guidance, he said, not about offending or humiliating the child. SUMMARY POPE'S CATECHESIS: Dear [...]
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What is Marriage?

“When a man and woman celebrate the Sacrament of Matrimony God as it were is ‘mirrored’ in them; he impresses in them his own features and the indelible character of his love.” Pope Francis, Audience, April 2, 2014. 1. What is marriage? The vocation to marriage is [...]
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The world awaits us. Yes! We love the world passionately because God has taught us to: Sic Deus dilexit mundum... — God so loved the world. And we love it because it is there that we fight our battles in a most beautiful war of [...]
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Something big that I could do

Catalina hated studying. But when she heard that something as ordinary as an hour of study could become an hour of prayer, she changed her attitude. “Here was something big I could do to help society!”
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My music... and Saint Josemaria

John, learned from St Josemaria that making a place for God in his life meant he could find the right place for his family and friends too, without abandoning his music. "My name is John and I play the cello. I have been playing the cello [...]
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For young people

Inspired by St Josemaria’s message Teresa and her husband, with other parents set up a school offering integral education: Hawthorn School Tags: Education, Responsibility, school, Upbringing, family

The adventure of freedom

St Josemaria’s teachings on freedom, says Moira Walsh, show how freedom combines with responsibility, real love, and respect for others, in bringing up children, in politics, and in daily living.
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The freedom of the laity

One characteristic of all Christian life, no matter what form it takes, is the 'dignity and freedom of the children of God'. Throughout your teaching, you have insistently defended the freedom of the laity. To what exactly do you refer? I refer precisely to the personal [...]
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St Josemaria’s message on excellence at work is just what Congo needs

Interview with Josiane Mpeye, Congolese hospital doctor On May 29, 2006, Dr Josiane Mpeye took part in the presentation in Rome of new Harambee projects. During a musical evening in Rome’s Olympic Theater, she described the projected creation of a medical clinic in Kinshasa, under [...]
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