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Mercy and almsgiving

The Pope is holding some special audiences for the Year of Mercy. On April 9, he reminded us that “an essential aspect of mercy is almsgiving”. Below are added some passages from St Josemaria’s writings that may help pray about this subject. Condensed from Pope Francis’ [...]
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We read in St Luke’s Gospel (9:59-61): “To another he said, ‘Follow me.’ But he said, ‘Lord, let me first go and bury my father.’ But he said to him, ‘Leave the dead to bury their own dead; but as for you, go and proclaim [...]
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Sharing in the poverty of Jesus

October 4 is the feast of St Francis of Assisi, a good opportunity to medítate on the eminently Christian virtue of poverty. Yesterday, Pope Francis stressed that love and truth are needed when it comes to fighting against social and economic inequality. Talking to God Aren’t you [...]
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Detachment from material goods

Earthly goods are not bad, but they are debased when man sets them up as idols, when he adores them. They are ennobled when they are converted into instruments for good, for just and charitable Christian undertakings. We cannot seek after material goods as if [...]
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The Cooperators of Opus Dei

Who are the Cooperators of Opus Dei? The cooperators of Opus Dei are people who are not members of the Opus Dei prelature, but who cooperate with the faithful of the prelature in various ways. Men and women of every race, religion and culture, from [...]
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Catechetical Trips

St Josemaria decided to put his shoulder to the wheel in the task of strengthening people’s faith. Starting in 1970, he went on long catechetical trips to various countries around the world. Starting in 1970, the founder of Opus Dei decided to undertake catechetical trips [...]
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Among the Poor and the Sick

Among the poor, the sick, and the children, he sought the strength needed to set in motion the immense project that God had placed on his shoulders that day. It was a school of suffering where his soul would be tempered to its mission. “What [...]
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