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Christopher Columbus and Escriva

Josemaria and his first followers remind me of the conquistadors. They were young; they were enthusiastic, fresh, tireless, and enamored of spiritual adventure. Eager for a voyage of discovery, they gathered around a leader they called simply "the Father". There would be dangers in the [...]
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Mother of God and Our Mother

The humility of my holy Mother Mary! She is not to be seen amid the palms of Jerusalem, nor at the hour of the great miracles — except at that first one at Cana. But she doesn't escape from the contempt at Golgotha; there she stands, [...]
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Fill this Land with Love

Video. "God will help us to be saints by working at our jobs out of a sense of justice. Not just fulfulling the duties of justice but those of charity too, which means putting our hearts into things."
Tags: Friendship, Charity, Understanding, Justice, Holiness, Solidarity, Love, Society

Roland Joffé and St Josemaria Escriva

Roland Joffé is the scriptwriter, director and co-producer of the forthcoming film There be dragons, which features St Josemaria, founder of Opus Dei, as one of the main characters. Born in Kensington, London, on November 17, 1945, Joffé has directed many films including The Mission (1984), [...]
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Dancing Hula in the Quest for Holiness

I learned from St. Josemaría’s love of freedom that God made me the way he did for a reason, and as a Christian I have to be open to his promptings so I can fulfill what he wants of me. I can’t wait to find [...]
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New York Conference on St Josemaria

A conference on St Josemaria entitled “Living the Message of St Josemaria in the United States” will be held in New York on Saturday October 17, 2009. The conference is being held to mark 60 years of Opus Dei in the US. It will feature [...]
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Opus Dei: Seeking Holiness in Daily Life

Your institution has as its aim the sanctification of one's life, while remaining within the world at one's place of work and profession: to live the Gospel in the world... This is truly a great ideal. Pope John Paul II Heaven and earth seem to merge, [...]
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St Josemaria Conference, California, February 2, 2008

Between the fifth anniversary of St Josemaría’s canonization and the eightieth anniversary of his founding Opus Dei, a conference will be held in Westin Hotel, Long Beach, California, on Saturday February 2, 2008 around the theme of “sanctifying the world”. Speakers at the St Josemaría [...]
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Mass held in Riga (Latvia) at St. James’ Cathedral for St. Josemaría Escrivá’s feast day

At the annual Mass held in St. James’ Cathedral, Riga (Latvia) for St. Josemaría Escrivá’s feast day, there was a crowd that would have pleased the saint himself. On June 26th, the church was filled with men and women of every age and walk [...]
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About the Opus Dei's message

People have sometimes said that Opus Dei was organised internally along the lines of secret societies. What is to be thought of such a statement? Could you give us, with this in mind, your own idea of the message you wanted to address to men [...]
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