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My Life Opened to the Beauty of Life Itself

Gina Garcia from Muntinlupa, Philippines danced ballet professionally for years and is now a home-maker, a part-time ballet teacher, and also teaches Parenting Education courses as a volunteer. On raising kids, Gina says, "The greatest challenge is in reminding ourselves that these are the children [...]
Tags: Abandonment to God, Family and work, Faith, Divine sonship, Formation, Children, Freedom, Marriage, Character, trust, family, happiness, Women, Philippines, Josemaria Escriva, Pope Francis

Thanks to St. Josemaria for bringing me to the catholic faith

Through knowing the Catholic Faith I decided to become a Catholic. Meeting Christ and Learning the Catholic faith My first encounter with Christ was when I was studying in a Christian primary school in Macau. I joined some Christian spiritual activities because of some difficulties, disappointments, [...]
Tags: Conversion, Faith, Formation, Holiness

St Josemaria gave me the certainty that God is a Father

The following is an interview with Maddalena Vintini from Verona, Italy. A lawyer, she and her husband Gianluca have three children. She has belonged to the Opus Dei Prelature for nearly 30 years. In 2011 she gave up her law work to become head-teacher at [...]
Tags: February 14 , Passionately Loving the World, Family and work, Formation, Upbringing, Women, Opus Dei members

I went in search of beauty and found God

I was 25 when I packed my bags and went to Valencia, Spain. My excuse was that I wanted to do an MA in architecture. I say “excuse”, because my real aim was to get away, wherever. I wasn’t happy and I needed a change. [...]
Tags: Conversion, Faith, Formation, Year of Faith

Yes, God is my father! He can’t leave me now

Virginia is a Co-operator of Opus Dei and writes from Hong Kong about the intercession of St. Josemaria and her son’s illness. My son Guillermo has total agenesis of the corpus callosum. The diagnosis was made during my pregnancy and was accompanied by various complications that [...]
Tags: Abandonment to God, Gratitude, Sickness, Formation

Like a safe port for our little boat

I was baptized at Christmas 1964. A little time later, through a friend, my mother-in-law and I met the Work. As someone recently baptized and just beginning my married life, I found Saint Josemaria’s teachings immensely valuable and received them with gratitude: everything was new [...]
Tags: Baptism, Formation