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Since I discovered the gift of Faith, there's no other way I'd want to live

I am married and the mother of three children. I lost my own mother when I was still very small. However, I had a happy, peaceful childhood thanks to the special support given me by one of my aunts. The onset of adolescence and other [...]
Tags: October 2, 1928, Conversion, Chile

I'm no longer afraid

Interview with Raquel Taveira-Marques “When I came from Portugal to do research at University College London for my PhD in Neurobiology and Neuroscience, I soon fell in love with London, and also -something I didn’t [...]
Tags: Baptism, Conversion, Faith, UK

Thanks to the Pope and The Way

Until April 19, 2005, I hadn’t had any contact with the Catholic Church. That day was my 23rd birthday, and at 6 in the evening my uncle called to wish me happy birthday. Then he said that a German had just been elected the new [...]
Tags: The Way, Conversion, Cooperators of Opus Dei, Pope Benedict XVI

What Happened?

I have been a member of Opus Dei for almost 17 years. It enriches all aspects of my life by helping me understand everything with a supernatural outlook. In joining Opus Dei I did not change what I believed. Rather, being a member helps me [...]
Tags: Apostolate, Conversion, Women, life

The Work of a Film Historian

I am a Professor of English Literature who also became a Film Historian and Critic while teaching at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville NY. Last year my wife and I retired to Santa Cruz, California, where I continue to study, to write, and to spend [...]
Tags: Apostolate, Conversion, culture, Consistency

The change in my husband

I am 82 years of age and have 8 children, 25 grandchildren and 2 great grand children. I have been a supernumerary for over 30 years and I give thanks to God every day for my own vocation to Opus Dei, and for that of [...]
Tags: Conversion, Marriage

Conversion story

My name is Lucia Vanrell, I’m 20, and I study biochemistry in the Faculty of Sciences at the University of the Republic of Uruguay. I come from a strongly Catholic family, but after my first Communion, as I entered into adolescence, little by little I [...]
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I had yet to know anything of Christianity

Constancy has never been my strong suit. Many’s the time I’ve regretted not finishing what I’d started. But there is one glowing exception: at college I converted to Catholicism. One day, nothing special, a friend and classmate dropped by my dormitory room. Before leaving he [...]
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