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St. Josemaría, a Teacher of Forgiveness (Part 2)

This study published in no. 53 of of the journal Romana, it focuses on some aspects of St. Josemaría’s teachings on forgiveness and their relevance in fostering a peaceful co-existence. In the first part of this study we discussed St. Josemaría’s teaching about forgiveness, its [...]
Tags: Friendship, Charity, Justice, Freedom, Christ Is Passing By, Forgiveness

What have you done with your brother?

Pope Francis is continually calling on us to realize the importance of Christians being more concerned about the people who are sometimes left “on the periphery of our hearts”. His message is received loud and clear at Les Ecoles hall of residence for students in Paris, [...]
Tags: Charity, Generosity, Opus Dei, Solidarity, happiness, France, Pope Francis

What drives development is a Christian heart

The Christian heart and social development. Reflections on St Josemaria's teachings. A paper given by Bishop Javier Echevarria, Prelate of Opus Dei, for the Study Day in commemoration of Harambee’s tenth anniversary, October 5, 2012. Dear friends of Harambee-Africa, The tenth anniversary of your association leads us directly [...]
Tags: Canonization, Charity, Javier Echevarria, Opus Dei prelate, Harambee, October 6

Fraternal correction, a help along the path to holiness

Fraternal correction is an admonishment given by a Christian to his or her neighbor to help them along the path to holiness. It is a means of spiritual progress that helps us to know our defects, since otherwise these may often be hidden from us [...]
Tags: Charity, defects, Sincerity

Time for the poor

These lines are not written in praise of hunger, hardship or any kind of human want. They are intended to be in praise of using wealth rightly, temperance, generosity and detachment. We are entering on a period of difficulty, economically speaking, and perhaps this means [...]
Tags: Charity, Justice, Pope, Poverty

“I don’t want to go to Purgatory!”

In her book El Hombre de Villa Tevere, Pilar Urbano tells of the visit St Josemaria made to Sofia Varvaro, a young Italian who died after enduring a very serious sickness. In May 1972 Mercedes Morado told Monsignor Escriva that Sofia Varvaro, a young Italian of [...]
Tags: Charity, Heaven, Sickness, Optimism

A picture that never fades from my memory

“I have on my conscience,” St Josemaría used to say, “many hours spent hearing children’s confessions in the poorest districts of Madrid. I would have liked to go and hear the confessions of all the children in all the saddest, most destitute neighbourhoods in the [...]
Tags: Charity, Sickness, Youth, Madrid, Poverty

November 2, 1948: Javier Echevarría, currently Opus Dei’s Prelate, met St Josemaría for the first time

“Javi!” And he added, in a much weaker voice, as Fr Javier came into the room, “I don’t feel well.” Those were the last words on earth of St Josemaría, founder of Opus Dei. It was mid-day on June 26, 1975, in Rome. Fr. Javier [...]
Tags: Love of God, Charity, Javier Echevarria, Madrid

The joy of being with the Founder of Opus Dei

The joy of Saint Josemaria and the other members of the Work also impressed me deeply from the time of my first contact with Opus Dei. What I saw was not something merely natural. Saint Josemaria had written, “The cheerfulness you should have is not [...]
Tags: Joy, cheerfulness, Charity

The Experience of Suffering

Saint Josemaría Escrivá’s experience of suffering in his own family was a very practical way of attaining the maturity that others reach only after many years. Even though pain is one of the most common experiences in life, it always surprises and it continually requires us [...]
Tags: Charity, Suffering, Sickness