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Bambinelli Sunday at the Vatican: Pope Francis blesses thousands of Baby Jesus

Video. (Rome Reports). There was a lot of enthusiasm in St. Peter's Square on Sunday as the Pope led the Angelus. The third Sunday of Advent is described as 'The Sunday of Joy.' Pope Francis reminded the crowd, that Christianity and joy go hand in [...]
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A Gospel Christmas Crib

Video. A short Christmas video showing the different figures in the Crib, accompanied by parts of the Gospel narrative with a musical background. A charming source of ideas for making your own crib, and a source of inspiration for devotion and prayer at Christmas. [...]
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"The Church is a house of joy"

“The Christian message is called the ‘Gospel,’ that is, ‘the good news,’ an announcement of joy for all people; the Church is not a refuge for sad people, the Church is a house of joy.” In his Angelus message on the Third Sunday of Advent, Pope [...]
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Peace is possible

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis said on Sunday that the day will come when nations will live in peace. He said it will be a great day in which weapons will be dismantled and transformed into instruments of work: “What a great day it will be”. [...]
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Advent Homily: The Christian Vocation

The liturgical year is beginning, and the introit of the Mass invites us to consider something closely related to the beginning of our Christian life: the vocation we have all received. In considering the circumstances surrounding your decision to make every effort to live your faith, [...]
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How to make an Advent Wreath

Instructions for making a simple Advent Wreath, to help the family prepare for Christmas. 1. Make a firm circular base. 2. It can be made out of newspaper wound round with broad ribbon or tape. 3. Bend a pine branch into a circle the same size as or [...]
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The Advent Wreath

Origin The Advent Wreath may have originated in the pre-Christian customs of the northern European peoples, between the fourth and sixth centuries AD. During the cold and dark of December, people would collect wreaths of evergreen branches, and lit candles as a sign of hope [...]
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What am I waiting for?

Today, the first Sunday of Advent, the Church begins a new Liturgical Year, a new journey of faith that on the one hand commemorates the event of Jesus Christ and, on the other, opens to its ultimate fulfilment. It is precisely in this double perspective [...]
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Advent is here. What a marvellous time in which to renew your desire, your nostalgia, your real longing for Christ to come — for him to come every day to your soul in the Eucharist. The Church encourages us: Ecce veniet! — He is about [...]
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Pope celebrates first Sunday of Advent

www.romereports.com The Pope celebrated the first Sunday of Advent during the Angelus prayer. While we wait for Christmas to arrive, the Pope took this idea to heart and spoke about the theme of "waiting" throughout our lifetime.
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