What happened Josemaria meets Manolo after the death of Mr. Torres?

Gabby - Philippines

The scene in the film where Josemaria goes to see Manolo after his father's death wasn't a real episode - Manolo is a fictional character. But it gives a good idea of the way St Josemaria was. He was a true friend to his friends and [...] Tags: There be Dragons

Did Josemaria have the vision of Opus Dei just like it comes in the movie?

Mari Cruz - Spain

It was substantially the same, according to the account left by St Josemaria. It happened on October 2, 1928, while he was doing a spiritual retreat. There, alone in his room, he saw what God wanted of him, and Opus Dei was born [...] Tags: Work, October 2, 1928, Holiness, Founding of Opus Dei

Was the fight in the seminary a historical fact?

Marina Navarrete - Argentina

Joffé took a historical event as the base for the contrasting figures of Josemaria and Manolo. The movie shows that both started from the same point, and then used their freedom to build their lives in different ways, working out [...] Tags: Seminary, Film

I went to see There Be Dragons with some friends the other day. We couldn’t work out who Aline (the red-haired girl) was meant to be– an angel? The Virgin Mary? Or who?

Alvaro - Spain

In an interview Roland Joffe, the film’s director, he said that in the film there’s a moment when Josemaria seems to lose faith, when God seems silent amidst all the hatred. At that point he meets a girl in Dr Suils’ asylum who says [...] Tags: There be Dragons, Film

Did St Josemaria really hear confessions during the Spanish Civil War, risking arrest? Even in a zoo?

Clemente Este - Spain

During the early months of the Spanish Civil War St Josemaria was living in Madrid. He heard confessions, celebrated Mass, administered Baptisms, even at the risk of his life, if he knew that someone was in need of his priestly [...] Tags: Spanish Civil War, Sacraments, Sacrament of Reconciliation, Priesthood

It is depicted that Josemaria sat at the death bed and prayed for a friend of the family who was Jewish! Did that really happen in his life?

Franca - USA

One of the scenes in the film shows St Josemaria in a Madrid hospital, talking to Honorio, who is on his deathbed. Honorio is Jewish and had wanted to become a Catholic, but out of respect for his parents had not done so. In this [...] Tags: There be Dragons, Jewish, Film, Death

Were there any Opus Dei members on the Republican side?

Patricia Candeias - Brazil

Some young Opus Dei members fought on the Republican side because they were in the Republican zone when the war broke out. The best known of these was Rafael Calvo Serer, from Valencia, who was miliciano de la cultura (literally [...] Tags: Spanish Civil War, Politics

How many people were there in Opus Dei at the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War? Were any of them killed?

Juan B. - Spain

Biographies published so far don’t offer enough data to be able to say exactly how many people had any kind of link with Opus Dei when the Spanish Civil War broke out. There may have been around fifty men and women altogether who were [...] Tags: Spanish Civil War, Opus Dei members, Opus Dei

Are any of the people who trekked across the Pyrenees with St. Josemaria, such as Pedro Casciaro, still alive? Did they become Opus Dei priests?

Jenny C. - USA

All seven of the people who trekked across the Pyrenees with St Josemaria have now died. Pedro Casciaro and Francisco Botella were ordained as priests in 1946, and Jose Maria Albareda was ordained in 1959. For further details, see [...] Tags: Crossing the Pyrenees

Was Manolo, one of the main characters in There Be Dragons, a real person? Did St Josemaria have a friend like Manolo?

Sari Costa - Spain

Manolo is a fictional character. There are not many parallels between him and any of St Josemaria’s fellow-seminarians in San Carlos Seminary in Saragossa. Naturally, some of those seminarians ended up doing other things and didn’t [...] Tags: Saragossa
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