St Josemaria Escriva and Ireland

In 1916 the young Josemaría Escrivá avidly followed the events of the Easter Rising in Ireland. “I was then about fifteen and I eagerly read everything in the newspapers about the events of the First World War. Most of all, though, I prayed a lot for Ireland. I wasn't against England; I was for religious freedom.” Tags: Freedom, trips, Ireland

Christmas carol: Little Donkey

Little donkey, little donkey, on the dusty road, got to keep on plodding onwards with your precious load. From the DVD 'Christmas Voices', by Eremeran Hills Study Centre (Sydney, Australia) Download the carol “Continue thinking about the donkey’s good qualities and notice how in order to do anything worth while, it has to allow itself to be ruled by the will of whoever is leading it... On its own the donkey would only... make an ass of itself. Tags: Donkey, Christmas

Show that you’re a Mother!

Early in the morning on May 15, 1970, St Josemaria arrived in Mexico. "I’ve come to see Our Lady of Guadalupe – and, by the way, to see you too," he told his children in Opus Dei there. The next day, he went to the Basilica and began his novena. Tags: Our Lady, trips

Along the roads of Europe

At the beginning of April 1970, St Josemaria, founder of Opus Dei, said he wanted to visit two shrines of our Lady like a twelfth-century pilgrim: with the same love, the same simplicity and the same joy. He was going there to pray for the world, the Church, the Pope, and Opus Dei. Tags: Piety, Our Lady, trips, In Love with the Church, UK

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

1830. The political panorama in France, and above all people’s attitudes, had changed a lot since the French Revolution of 1789. Amidst all the upheavals, our Lady made her voice heard. Tags: Holy Rosary, Our Lady, Devotion, Sanctuary of Our Lady

I shall never forget that Mass

Pedro Casciaro

During the Spanish Civil War, when Saint Josemaría could not minister as a priest and was in constant danger of death because of the violent religious persecution, he had no option but to escape from Spain over the Pyrenees and go through Andorra to re-enter Spain in the free zone. During the arduous and highly dangerous journey – if they had been caught they would probably have been shot – he told his group that he was a priest, and celebrated holy Mass as often as he could. Tags: Eucharist, Spanish Civil War, Piety

I saw three hundred, three hundred thousand, thirty million, three thousand million…

Andrés Vázquez de Prada

At the beginning of 1933 St Josemaria gave the first of what would afterwards be called "St Raphael circles". The St Raphael circles or classes are the axis of all the other Christian formational activities for young people on the human, spiritual, and religious-doctrinal levels. They include a preparatory course and a professional course. Tags: Spiritual guidance, Doctrine, Formation, History, Youth, Catechesis

March 28, 1925: Priest of Jesus Christ

In the fifth week of Lent, on the Saturday before Passion Sunday, March 28, 1925, Bishop Miguel de los Santos Diaz Gómara, Bishop of Tagora, conferred priestly ordination on Josemaria Escriva in the Church of the Royal Seminary of San Carlos, Saragossa. Tags: Priesthood, Sacraments, Holy Mass, calling

The story of Yes!

Yes! The Life of St Josemaria was the first book about St Josemaria written and illustrated for children –children up to 80, as the author, puts it. The book has been translated into different languages, and this has given rise to many stories about how the message of St Josemaria has spread to unexpected corners of the world. But the story of how the book came to be written in the first place is equally interesting. Tags: Alvaro del Portillo, Education, books, For younger readers, Devotion

St Josemaria’s visits to France

St Josemaria often crossed France, going from one country to another by car, with Don Alvaro del Portillo and Fr Javier Echevarria. In total there are at least twenty-two trips we know about. Tags: History