Sonsoles, May 1935: Why the pilgrimage?

The shrine of Sonsoles in Avila, Spain, was the setting for an event in the history of St Josemaria and Opus Dei, the “May pilgrimage”. How did this custom first take root in Opus Dei? A study published in Studia et Documenta Tags: Our Lady

100th anniversary of St Josemaria’s First Holy Communion

Bishop Javier Echevarría

April 23, 2012, will be 100 years since St Josemaria made his First Holy Communion. In a letter dated April 1 the Prelate of Opus Dei recommends that we enter more deeply into some aspect of St Josemaria's Eucharistic devotion, and so "improve in how we approach Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament." Tags: Eucharist, Holy Communion

Translating The Man of Villa Tevere

Translating The Man of Villa Tevere, a biography of St Josemaria Escriva, presented challenges and brought its own rewards. An interview with Helena Scott, the translator. Tags: books, UK

Wife, Mother of Four and Business Owner

Maribeth Burger, 42-year-old, physical therapist, wife and mother of four. Tags: Family and work, US

He had Cuba in his soul

"I'd just like to say that you, being Cuban, with your friends, are the fruit of St Josemaria's prayer." Bishop Javier Echevarria's response to a girl from La Habana, who asked him a question during the WYD in Madrid. Tags: Art, Cuba

January 9, 1902 - Josemaría Escriva's arrival into the world

Describing his arrival into the world, he says, "God our Lord was preparing things so that my life would be normal and everyday, nothing extraordinary. He had me born in a Christian home, as was typical in my country, of exemplary parents who practiced and lived their faith." Tags: Barbastro, The Escriva family

Blessed be Suffering

Behind this phrase, from one of the points in The Way, lies a long story that was deeply engraved on St Josemaria's soul, one which he often referred to in the course of his life. Tags: Cross, Suffering, sick

Novena to the Immaculate Conception

The Novena to the Immaculate Conception, is a custom that has crystallized in the Church as a preparation for the great solemnity of December 8th. As St. Josemaría taught us, each of us should live this custom in the way that he or she considers most appropriate. Tags: Our Lady, novena, Josemaria Escriva

Love, time, and everything

Doris Cerna moved to the US from Peru with her husband and two small boys in 1991. In Peru, she had been a member of a professional dance group for ten years. She had a friend who loved Peruvian Folk dancing and asked if she would come and perform at a center of Opus Dei in Peru. Doris did, and that was the first time she set foot in a center of Opus Dei. Tags: Education, family, US

The same cooking-pot

Maria Marta and Laureano Mones-Cazon

Maria Marta studied tourism and then decided to dedicate herself full-time to looking after her family. She is now working in a school. This year Pablo, one of her sons, was ordained a priest. She and he both have the same goal: to become saints. In this interview, mother and son answer the same questions about their ideal and how they follow it hand-in-hand with St Josemaria. Tags: Opus Dei, Priesthood, Holiness, Vocation, Argentina