Anniversary of St Josemaria’s ordination to the priesthood

On March 28, 1925 he was ordained a priest in the chapel of the seminary. He celebrated his first Mass in the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar, at the feet of the beloved Madonna he had prayed to so often. Tags: Love of God, Footprints in the Snow, Logroño, Prayer, Priesthood, Holiness, The Will of God, Saragossa, calling

Historic dates for Opus Dei

A. Vazquez de Prada

Speaking about the paradoxes of the founding, saint Josemaría would say one day: “The foundation of Opus Dei happened without me; the women’s branch, against my personal opinion; and the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross, when I was seeking it but unable to find it.” Tags: February 14 , October 2, 1928, Founding of Opus Dei, Priestly Society of the Holy Cross

Embraced in Her Suffering: A Reflection on Our Lady of Lourdes

St. Josemaria Institute

On February 11, we celebrate our Lady’s apparitions at Lourdes, especially under the title of the Immaculate Conception. Her apparitions and numerous miraculous healings at Lourdes show us not only the exceptional value that suffering has in God’s eyes, but also how our own eyes need to be cleansed in order to see its value — both in ourselves and in others. Tags: Joy, Suffering, Sickness, Generosity, Our Lady, St Josemaria Institute

How did St Josemaria celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is a very special time. We share some memories of St. Josemaria and his love for the Christ Child and the Holy Family, and how he took care of the people who lived with him. Tags: Joy, Faith, Spiritual childhood, Piety, family, Christmas, Christmas carol, Josemaria Escriva

Forever in thanksgiving

Celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving Day has been an annual holiday in the US since 1863. It is also a time for many people to give thanks for what they have. But Thanksgiving is overall a part of Christian life, as we realize how much God has done for us and for others. St Josemaria developed gratitude as a virtue throughout his life, as those who lived with him recall. Tags: Abandonment to God, Gratitude, Alvaro del Portillo, Javier Echevarria, Opus Dei

“I don’t want to go to Purgatory!”

Pilar Urbano

Sofia Varvaro, a young Italian of the Work, had been diagnosed as having cancer, and the doctors thought she had only a few months to live. Monsignor Escriva said he wanted to go and see her immediately. He started talking to Sofia before he had even entered her room. “Sofia, figlia mia! My daughter!” Tags: Charity, Heaven, Sickness, Optimism

November 2, 1948: Javier Echevarría, currently Opus Dei’s Prelate, met St Josemaría for the first time

Bishop Javier Echevarría and Salvador Bernal

“Javi!” And he added, in a much weaker voice, as Fr Javier came into the room, “I don’t feel well.” Those were the last words on earth of St Josemaría, founder of Opus Dei. It was mid-day on June 26, 1975, in Rome. Fr. Javier Echevarría was the person to whom that final phrase was addressed, after twenty-five years of daily life together. Tags: Love of God, Charity, Javier Echevarria, Madrid

October 16, 1931, in a Madrid streetcar: Abba, Pater!

John F. Coverdale

I learned to call God “Father” as a child in the Our Father. But to feel, to see, to admire God’s desire that we be his children…, that was on the street, in a streetcar, for an hour or an hour and a half, I’m not sure. “Abba, Pater!” I had to shout. From the book Uncommon Faith: The Early Years of Opus Dei. Tags: Divine sonship, History, Madrid

Tracing the history of the Church in the footsteps of St Josemaría

Places in Rome (1)

St Josemaria is a good guide to the many places in Rome that he himself visited to draw faith from the witness of the early Christians. The aim of the articles gathered under the heading Places in Rome is to reveal the main traces of the history of the Catholic Church that are to be found in Rome, the Eternal City. Download in epub format. Tags: Church, Places in Rome, Pope

August 23, 1971: Adeamus cum fiducia ad thronum gloriae, ut misericordiam consequamur

So we know little about the extraordinary graces that he received. But we do know some of them: for instance, that of August 23, 1971, in Caglio, northern Italy. Tags: locution