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The Message of St. Josemaría: Particularly Relevant Ideas for Today’s Society

Martin Rhonheimer

The following article was written by Fr Martin Rhonheimer, Professor of Ethics and Political Philosophy at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, and a priest of Opus Dei. It was presented at the Corporate Communication Professional Development Seminar, Pontifical University of the [...] Tags: Church, Freedom, Responsibility, Work, Unity of life, Ordinary life

Josemaria Escriva, a man of contrasts

Pilar Urbano

When I started work on a biography of Josemaria Escriva (“The Man of Villa Tevere”), the most troubling question in my mind was whether or not there was a “man” to write about; whether, now that the living person was no longer there. That was what I feared: to have to face a virtuous hero, elevated, sublime, but somehow dehumanized. Tags: History, books, Opus Dei, Rome