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Thanks to St Josemaria’s Intercession, My Back Pain was Cured

C. M. W. Hong Kong

July 20, 2015

Tags: favours of the founder of Opus Dei
I was baptised in Hong Kong, in 2011, after many years of guidance from my husband. After he had completed this “mission”, he passed away in that same year. Since I had to take care of my little son by myself, together with my busy work life, my health deteriorated, as well as my eyes and my immune system.

I was having back pain and it became worse than before, so that I could not sit for a long time and had to stand up to relieve the pain. With God’s providence, my son was admitted to Tak Sun Kindergarten school in 2011. From there, we received help from the members of Opus Dei and the in-school social worker. Through their spiritual activities, like the doctrine class and monthly recollection, I have more opportunities to listen to Our Lord’s teachings, which help me to live better a Christian way of life.

I have the practice of praying with my son together every night. We say our personal petitions. We had started to use the prayer card of St. Josemaria Escriva, the Founder of Opus Dei, asking his intercession for our intentions. My son had already given me great joy since we started doing this daily practice. Moreover, I was so grateful that in his prayer he asked through the intercession of St Josemaria, to heal my back pain, so that we could go travelling together. Thank God for this special son of mine.

Not long after, Our Lord gave me a very special surprise. My back pain, which had lasted for more than 2 years and was not completely cured by physiotherapy and bone therapy treatment, suddenly disappeared!

This great joy is not only a grace for my body and physical health, but more importantly, it gives my soul a great consolation. All these years have been my path to purification; God guided me to learn to be determined, patient, to carry my cross as our Lord did, to do penance and mortifications and to be docile to His wishes. I also learned to love Him above all things, to trust and rely on Him with all my heart and mind. The more I pray, the more I get to realize His unconditional grace. When I recognized my own limitations, He gave more graces. I experienced the forgiveness and love by God through this spiritual encounter with Him. Now, I understand more the greatness of being loved and with repentance, how to love more.

Last year December 2014, since my back pain had disappeared, I was able to make a trip with my son. God took care of us all the way. My son started to show his faith and gratitude to God. He always prays for his classmates, friends and relatives. This year, he started to practice small sacrifices. Truly, I am very grateful to Our Lord and St Josemaria for giving and guiding us with abundant graces throughout this journey.