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Thanks to St. Josemaria for bringing me to the catholic faith

WL, Macau

October 22, 2014

Tags: Conversion, Faith, Formation, Holiness
Through knowing the Catholic Faith I decided to become a Catholic.

Meeting Christ and Learning the Catholic faith

My first encounter with Christ was when I was studying in a Christian primary school in Macau. I joined some Christian spiritual activities because of some difficulties, disappointments, and a feeling of being lost in life. By believing in Christ, I gathered enough courage and perseverance to move ahead daily.

During my pre-university studies, I happen to meet a person named Joseph, who is a member of Opus Dei. This is the start of my knowing about Opus Dei. It became the seed for me to journey into the Catholic Faith.

With guidance from Opus Dei, I have decided to become a Catholic

I felt that in my previous faith as a Christian, it was not substantial enough, and felt some things were missing. I was fortunate to have contact with people of Opus Dei. In the year 2013, I became a Cooperator of Opus Dei in Macau. Through the guidance of Fr. Mandia, Joseph and Tony, I received a deeper knowledge of the Catholic faith. For example, I learned that the church originated from the first disciples of Christ. Also, how to pray and most especially, the meaning of the Holy Eucharist. I learned about Confession and The Way of the Cross, too.

Moreover, I felt very at ease with the spiritual guidance I was receiving, and I resolved to become a Catholic. I am very thankful to the people of Opus Dei because I was baptized at Our Lady of Fatima Church in Macau in April 2014. I will follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ in trying to love people, having a spirit of sacrifice, and always be kindhearted. I can definitely say that to be a Catholic my life will be more wonderful, happy and meaningful.

To sanctify oneself and help the family, relatives and friends to get closer to God

This is what I learned through the guidance of Opus Dei: that I can be united with Christ through sanctifying myself. In learning Catholic doctrine, it will bring my profession, family life, and the education of children in closer union with Christ. My aim is to glorify God, and do what Jesus wants of me. For example, that we should live in the way Jesus lived, such as being humble, to offer sacrifice to God, and to sanctify our work. In June 2009, I became a father. I experienced for the first time the love between a father and a child. Indirectly, I experienced the love of God for me.

Last, but not least, in order to be more effective for me to bring my relatives and friends towards God, I would need to go through more doctrine classes and recollections. We can also do apostolate with other people to spread the Gospel of the Lord, with the help of the people of Opus Dei, so as to let them know about God the Father.