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My journey to the Catholic Faith

Saida Wangeci, Kenya

May 20, 2013

Tags: Conversion, Faith, Year of Faith
As God’s plans are not human plans, I would like to reveal my journey to the Catholic Faith. My father was Muslim and my mother Catholic, they got married in the Catholic Church but my father preferred to continue his religion and made an agreement with my mother that she too would continue with her religion and the children would be Catholic. We are four in the family, and I am the youngest. The first three got baptized as babies and got through the rest of the sacraments as usual, as my dad had agreed, but after I was born my dad suddenly decided that they could wait for me to grow up and choose between being Catholic or Muslim. My mother was not really for the idea, but my father was firm, so she gave in. All the same my father would always allow me to go to church with my mother, though he preferred that I do not attend any doctrine classes until I was old enough to choose my religion.

The Creed
Meanwhile, I continued to attend Mass on Sundays. I liked the singing in Mass but one of the songs that called my attention a lot was the Creed. I really did not know the significance it had, but I liked the words. One of the Sundays I decided to arrive a bit earlier so as to copy down the words. Like that I could sing it whenever I wanted. After some years had passed, I realized how providential it had been. Each year I would ask my dad if the time had come, but I suppose for him the right age was eighteen or more, so I decided to hold on.
When I got to be sixteen my father got sick; I was far from home in a boarding school, so I really did not know the seriousness of his condition. He was admitted in hospital and, a week after, the day he was to go home, he got worse and passed away.

It was my decision
What I got to know afterwards was that one of the days that my mum went to see him in hospital with a friend of hers who had been praying a lot for me to be baptized, and knew the situation very well; she happened to ask my dad if he would let me be baptized and my father said it was my decision. This I got to know long afterwards, but meanwhile, my second worry was that I had not been able to ask him about my being Catholic as I had always wanted. On the way to the funeral, I mentioned this to one of my sisters and she assured me that it was up to me to decide and that for sure dad would have respected my decision.
When all had passed and things were calm I told my mum that I wanted to begin catechism classes as soon as possible, which had to be in my school. I must admit it was quite fast because my companions had been waiting for the parish priest since the year before but he had been very busy, but suddenly we got a message that he would be coming to confer the Sacraments to all the ones who were ready. I tried my best to study hard and fast though I had a feeling that I needed to learn a lot more. My prayer was to be able to pass the test and I promised our Lord to go deep in the doctrine after receiving the sacraments. Thank God all went well and I have kept my promise up to this day.
All the same, our Lord had better plans for me so as to grow in my faith, because three months after being baptized I got in touch with Opus Dei, and what better way could there be to go deeper into my Faith? Three years after that I discovered that God was calling me to Opus Dei, so I continue to thank God, for the gift of Faith and for my vocation to the Work.