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Tags: History, Places in Rome, Prayer
Further documents relating to St Josemaria’s life and teachings can be downloaded from the web as follows.


Text (PDF)

The Church
"Loyalty to the Church", published in the book In Love with the Church
"A Priest Forever", published in In Love with the Church

"The Christian Vocation", a homily given on 2 December 1961, the first Sunday in Advent

"Christ’s Presence in Christians", given on March 26, 1967, Easter Sunday.

"The Conversion of the Children of God”, a homily first given on March 2, 1952, First Sunday of Lent

“The Epiphany of the Lord”, given on January 6, 1956, Feast of the Epiphany.

Corpus Christi
The Eucharist, Mystery of Faith and Love

Sacred Heart
Finding Peace in the Heart of Christ

May Devotion
"To Jesus Through Mary", published in the book Christ is Passing By

"The Blessed Virgin, cause of our joy", published in Christ is Passing By

Christ the King
"Christ the King"

The Blessed Virgin Mary
"Mother of God and Our Mother", published in the book Friends of God

Audios (mp3)
Audios of the homilies by St Josemaria

Articles about Saint Josemaría’s life and Opus Dei
Henry Hernandez - Christmases with St. Josemaría
June 23, 1946 – a record in photographs of St Josemaría's journey to Italy
Opus Dei and its Mission
Carmen Escrivá – the sister of St Josemaría Escrivá

Places in Rome
Tracing the history of the Church in the footsteps of St Josemaria:

The Catacombs of St Callixtus
St Peter’s Basilica
The Holy Cross in Jerusalem
The Colosseum
The Via Appia
The memory of St Paul
The Roman Forum
Little shrines to Our Lady
St John Lateran
The Pantheon and Santa Maria Sopra Minerva
St Peter’s Square

Other Devotions
Our Lady of Peace – The prelatic church of Opus Dei, housing St Josemaria’s mortal remains
Novena for Work
Novena for the Sick
Novena for Families
Favors obtained through St Josemaria’s intercession
Liturgical texts for the Mass of St Josemaria.
Pictures and stories for young people: For younger readers
The sorrows and joys of St Joseph, with illustrations from the shrine of Torreciudad.

In Chinese
Novena for Work in Chinese