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Collection of Year of Faith testimonies

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The Year of Faith ends on Sunday November 24, the feast of Christ the King. Over these months this website has published several testimonies from people who have discovered the joy of the Faith. Below is a list of them.

Story of an exercise-book Dalia, Lithuania: "I grew up in Alytus, a small town surrounded by forests and lakes, in the Dzukija region in south-west Lithuania. I have a sister and a twin brother. Ever since we were little my mother and grandmother have taken care to teach us the faith, and in spite of the difficulties they made sure we could get to Mass every Sunday."

A new outlook on life Mariam, Belgium: "One day something happened that made me think. It was Friday evening, when I was just setting off for Holland to spend the weekend at home. I saw a girl rushing past, in a great hurry. It was a quarter past six. I asked her, 'Where are you going? Why the hurry?' She said, 'I’m going to Mass.' Then I thought, 'Mass? What does she want to go to Mass on a Friday for?'"

God kept putting himself in my way until I was convinced Francisco, Spain: "I was on a flight to Amsterdam, half-asleep, listening to some music."

From the fast lane to the right track Lassi, Finland: " I was speeding on the fast lane of life towards the destruction of my soul; however thanks to St Josemaria’s teachings I managed to find the right exit to park myself and to find out whether even my direction was correct in the first place."

From sociological Christianity to an encounter with God Pedro Luis, Spain: " I started to realize, little by little, what I was missing: there was a God who was close to me, with whom I could share some parts of my life, and he had loved me and was still loving me, every day."

A whole new world Dulce Rosa, Costa Rica: "When I was fifteen I moved to California, where I went to college. During the years I was there I didn’t go to any church. Later, when I got to Costa Rica, that started to change: I felt an increasing need to turn to God, and a sense of his presence somehow grew and strengthened in my heart."

My journey to faith Saida, Kenya: "We are four in the family, and I am the youngest. The first three got baptized as babies and got through the rest of the sacraments as usual, as my dad had agreed, but after I was born my dad suddenly decided that they could wait for me to grow up and choose between being Catholic or Muslim."

Translating books of fire Hijung, Korea: "A friend gave me a copy of The Way when I was in college. That was the very first book I read by St. Josemaria. It touched me deeply, and I wanted to read more."

I went in search of beauty, and found God Josefina, Argentina: "I was 25 when I packed my bags and went to Valencia, Spain. My excuse was that I wanted to do an MA in architecture. I say "excuse", because my real aim was to get away, wherever. I wasn’t happy and I needed a change. I never imagined it would be such a big one."

Finding God while being a wife, mother and doctor Joanna, Sweden: " My parents always tried to make sure we all got a good Catholic education and that we made friends with other Catholics – which is not easy bearing in mind that in Sweden, only 1 per cent of the population are Catholic."

He had a plan for me Maria, Costa Rica: "I’m sure that from heaven, my Mom is very pleased that after so many wasted years I have come back to the right path."

Emerging from the fog Fausta, Switzerland: "The reasons given by my parents seemed good and true, but they weren’t enough for me, and this caused frequent arguments at home."

When I was 32 I was converted again Marco, Italy: " I had stopped practicing my faith more than fifteen years before – I still said prayers every day, but without knowing what I was saying or who I was talking to. I would catch glimpses of God around me, in the beauty of a sunny day, or a smile, or a work of art, but I didn’t have the tools to begin to understand it all."

The St Josemaria prayercard and my husband’s job
H. I. L., Macau: "My husband was baptized Catholic when he was a baby but had not been practicing the Faith for a long time. In 2010, I saw him getting more disillusioned about not having a job as time passed."